Vendor Download

To download each file, please right-click on the following links and select "Save Target As" or "Save As" depending on your browser.

All Translation Customers:

Place vendor.dat in your BWCKEY or WINKEY or TransX folder, depending on your installation.
File---> vendor.dat

For information only, this spreadsheet contains all valid vendor, product, version contained in vendor.dat. Maintenance of is discontinued.
File---> vendor.xls

KeyLink Users:

Place scandb_kl.fs in your BWCKEY\TOOLKIT or WINKEY\TOOLKIT folder and rename it to scandb.fs
File---> scandb_kl.fs

Transformation Xpress Users:

Place scandb_tx.fs in your TransX\TOOLKIT folder and rename it to scandb.fs
File---> scandb_tx.fs

Updates are posted quarterly.

Last Update: 05/01/2024

To request additions to vendor.dat, please contact your Ivans Service Exec or call 1-855-233-9128 and choose Support. You may also request by e-mailing